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Ring*Con 2008 - Stanislav Ianevski is Viktor Krum

Stanislav IanevskiFew people know that Stanislav Ianevski is not only fluent in English and Bulgarian, but also in German.

When we brought that up in our interview for Harry Potter Xperts, we had to promise not to tell anyone before the Closing Ceremony of the Ring*Con.
There he wanted to surprise his fans with a few German words when saying goodbye.

In the video message he recorded with us for all his German fans he still speaks English though:

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We also spoke to Stanislav about his personal worst nightmare, his first moments on the Harry Potter set and much more. Read here our exclusive interview with him:

It's been quite a while since you played Viktor Krum in the fourth Harry Potter movie. When you think back about filming the Goblet of Fire, what memories do you treasure the most?

All of them! They are the warmest memories that I've had so far experiencing the world of filming. The whole family thing, having all this support from the fans, it just keeps overwhelming me. It's still with me, it's still going on.

Can you remember what you felt when you first walked onto a set?

Yes, I was thrilled! There were cameras, there were crews, there was lighting, there was make-up, there was everything that you see on TV. And now they were going to be filming ME. I was like 'Oh my god, what's happening? Is this real or is this not?'. I tried to calm myself down and convince myself that I was going to do a good job.

Which scene did you like filming the most?

Probably the Yule Ball scene. It was split into bits. We didn't film one thing and then another thing, we did a big mixture of things. At the end, just before Christmas, we did the dancing stuff and the Great Hall was silver and icy, the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. That was one of the most thrilling scenes to film.

Did you get to keep any piece of equipment used in the movie?

No, unfortunately we weren't allowed to keep anything.

Which one would you have liked to keep?

My wand! And I would've taken my broom. So you get easy transport and can do magic.

Will you be in the seventh Potter movie, or at least in one of the two?

I don't know yet. It depends if they want to bring Krum back. He comes in for a little part in the book but you never know. I would love to be back.

Is it right that you can speak German?


So are you fluent?

Well, pretty much.

Why are we speaking English then?

I don't know. Because everyone else speaks English? Don't tell everyone this though (laughs). It's going to be a surprise (in the Closing Ceremony, editor's note) on Sunday! When you go on stage you just have to shock.

Don't worry, I'll keep it a secret till then. In Hostel II you play a person who is eaten alive by a cannibal. What is your personal worst nightmare?

My personal worst nightmare… (hesitates) I don't know, I never had this question before! Maybe getting eaten alive, yeah. Or falling of my broomstick, killing myelf.

What was your reaction when you first saw yourself in the finished version of the Goblet of Fire?

I criticised myself for a few things. For example, when I come into the stadium, I do various moves. I could've done a wider version of them with more impact. Not that it wasn't enough, but still.

How did you get to be in the fourth Harry Potter movie at all?

Just by chance. I was spotted, I didn't go to a casting through an agent. They just saw me and asked me if I could come along so I went there once, twice, three times and that was it.

How did you prepare yourself to star as Viktor Krum in the Goblet of Fire?

I studied Viktor Krum from the book quite a bit and read online what fans thought he was like and tried to bring that in.

Who out of the cast of Harry Potter 4 are you still in contact with?

One that sticks out is Tolga Safer, Karkaroff's aid, since we were together throughout the whole film. But pretty much with most of them. After 11 months of being together we all became a big family.

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